Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Body Is Holding Up Well

I went to the oncologist on Monday and according to my blood tests, my body is holding up very very well under the stress of chemotherapy. The only number that is off is a number indicating that my liver is taking longer than normal to filter things out of my blood. The doctor says this is nothing to worry about, but is one of the reasons that I never drink alcohol these days. Of course, because we are now on vacation, I did ask permission to drink a (small) glass of champagne and she said that as long as it was small, that was ok. :)

So here we are in this fabulous hotel room with a lovely jacuzzi tub and I am planning to sit in it with my husband and have a glass of champagne! How much better can you get?

I had a nice day with Captain Adorable today. Captain Obvious forgot Something Very Important at home and actually had to drive back and get it (5 hours of driving), so I was alone with the babe for most of the day. I had a great time watching him walk around everywhere. It is so cool to watch him explore the hotel room and point out all the cords (sigh) that I would never notice. We did bring a child-safety device to keep the cabinet doors in the kitchenette closed, and we put the trash cans under there, so that is helpful. He was almost completely uninterested in his toys today--all he wanted was to check everything out! And, like I said, for me it was endlessly wonderful to watch his exploration and discovery. I also sat out in the hallway with him (the hotel is rather empty) because out there he can walk and walk forever and not get distracted by toys or cords or other things Mama won't allow him to touch. We had a few rounds of the "Do I have to come and get you?" game, which was great fun for us both.

He is so good at walking now, the only times he ends up on all fours are when 1) he does it on purpose or 2) he walks too fast and falls over. I assume this phase will pass all too soon and before I know it, he will be running.

My parents are here in the hotel, too. They have the room next to ours. It is so nice to have both of them here with us--makes the holiday even more fun. They arrived at about 1:45 and by 2:15 they and Captain Adorable and I were in the indoor pool. Captain Adorable liked it at first but then seemed to change his mind and got upset (to the point of tears) and I had to get out with him. We sat on a chaise on the side for a while and then we got back in. He seemed to like it more the second time. However, it was close to nap time, so we soon got out and went upstairs. He slept well (for both the morning and the afternoon nap) and had a nice afternoon/early evening hanging out with his grandparents while his parents went out to dinner together. He's asleep now. Another beautiful day with my beautiful boy!

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Mame Fati said...

I am so glad you had a good day!!!
I love your perspectives and the joy you get from the little things...Thanks for always keeping it real on your blog.
I hope tomm. is even better!
Happy Holidays