Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nice Visit

My sweet MIL came to see us today and she brought a new toy for Captain Adorable (big plastic beads). He loved the toy and obliged her by showing off his walking and standing skills.

I slept a lot again today. I feel weak and tired. I like the fact that the half dose of steroids makes me more able to be around most days, but the other effect is that here we are, on Day 7 and I am still extra tired. Then again, maybe it is because this is my second round and it is more difficult for my body to recover this time...I do not know.

The vein in my left arm where I got the chemo last time hurts and has actually been swollen today. Hurting all day. Unpleasant and weird, huh?

Tomorrow is chemo day again. Not looking forward to it. Ugh.


Mame Fati said...

Thinking of you. I am sending you the little bit of energy I have over here! I hope tomm. is not to rough and you feel better faster.
What a strong momma you are.
Always sending you healing love.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure when you go tomorrow to have them check that arm and make sure it isn't phlebitis.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you today.