Saturday, December 22, 2007

Third Round of Chemo Yesterday

My Dad took me to chemo on Friday and he was pretty good company. Chemo itself was horrible as always, but the aftermath at home was even worse. I threw up like 6-7 times and I had diarrhea. I finally had to take a suppository to stop the continual vomiting. Well, at least then the vomiting stopped and I did sleep like a rock all night. I still feel a bit nauseated today, but so far no vomiting. I have slept a bunch.

Captain Adorable did not sleep well yesterday (while I was at the hospital). He had less than 45 minutes for each nap (usually they are 1+ hour and 2 hours, in morning and afternoon, respectively). Fortunately, his night's sleep was good, and this morning, after quite a big deal of fussing, he got a 2 hour nap in the Ergo with Oma. I am so thankful that she gave that to him! When he is in the Ergo, she walks with him while he sleeps, so she read and took a 2 hour walk in the living room while he slept.

Sorry for not updating sooner, but we were busy vacationing (read: hanging out with my parents and relaxing) for me to spare a few minutes to write all about how fun I was having.

Captain Obvious's youngest brother is here for a visit during his winter break from school. He is a nice kid and I enjoy having him around. I just wish I did not feel so dang bad so I could interact with him and enjoy his visit more.

I just read that Jessica Quinn, the woman whom I talked about a few entries ago, has died. I send my love to her family.


Erin said...

I read about Jessica yesterday... I know it's probably hitting you hard. All my love, Erin

Sullivans said...

We were just at church tonight (Christmas Eve) and I lit my candle for you. Lots of prayers for you.