Friday, December 14, 2007

Independant Play

Captain Adorable is very good at playing independently. He kind of amazes me with how focussed on a toy/object he can be. Right now he is playing with his jumper/exersaucer thing (not really either of those but I do not know what else to call it). We almost never put him inside but he plays with it a lot from around the outside. He pushes the buttons to make it play music, he chews on the gum-able sun, and he manipulates the little movable toys. The thing is big and plasticy but I really like it since he likes it so much. I just wish the toys faced out instead of in so he could see the face on the sun instead of the blank side.

I had an accupuncture session yesterday. I was feeling really good today, except now all of a sudden I feel totally nauseated. I will take an anti-nausea pill and hope to prevent anything unpleasant. I am going to have 2 more sessions, each the day before chemo. Nice how it worked out that way and I can go into chemo feeling a little stronger rather than weak and vulnerable. The accupuncturist worked on my back mostly and my left hand a little. She did needles in my back and then burned some moxa on four points on my back. She burned moxa on my hand and then put needles in those points. The needle in the back of my hand hurt--I guess she hit a nerve? Anyhow, I told her and she removed it right away. She tried to put it in a second time and it hurt even more, so that was the end of that attempt.

Thank you for the supportive comments, especially on posts where I am not all positive and chipper. It makes me feel so good to read kind words in response to my ramblings.


amina said...

reading this, then going back to yesterdays blog and comments and coming back again, I see Captain Adorable's exploration of shapes and sounds and textures tastes and smells as precisely the same as your own experiences these last weeks and months.
We keep needing to learn and test and taste life to figure out what on earth it's all about.

pittnurse08 said...

hi rose! i started reading your blog after seeing some of your posts on mdc. thank you for sharing this incredibly challenging time in your life. you are a wonderful, strong mama! my husband is a cancer survivor (3 years last october) and i have hope for you and your family, that you will one day get to celebrate cancer-free anniversaries. please know that there are people, many who you will probably never know, pulling for you. i'll be reading and keeping you in my thoughts.
take care,
~rachel (pittnurse08 on mdc)

Analisa said...

Another mama following your MDC link. Just wanted to send hugs and best wishes. -Megs Mom