Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baggage Is Kind Of Important

Captain Obvious' aunt drove us to the airport in Miami today to catch our plane. The drive was a little stressful for me because the baby did do some crying. Captain Obvious was trying to keep him happy (or at least prevent him from being too unhappy) but Captain Adorable just hates the car seat so much it is a difficult thing to keep him from crying when he is in it for an hour's drive. It was sad to leave Florida, where Captain Adorable was having so much fun and it was made even sadder by the news that Captain Obvious' grandmother died. She was very ill and this was not unexpected, but it was a very sad note on which to take leave of such a pleasant Thanksgiving.

Captain Adorable did ok on the plane. We fed him Veggie Booty and held the sippy cup for him to drink milk during take off and he was very tired, so there was no crying and he fell asleep as soon as we reached cruising altitude. The descent was a different story--he did not drink milk as much and was not yawning as he was during take off and I think his ears did hurt, poor darling. Once on the ground, however, things got better. I changed his diaper and put on some warmer clothes so he would not freeze once we got into the lovely 30-something degree weather outside. Then we went to baggage claim where we waited for an HOUR for our luggage. By the time we left, I think there were 3 plane loads of people waiting for luggage. This might be the only time we ever fly AirTran because while the flights were fine, the service on either end SUCKED. We expected to be home before 7:00 tonight and we didn't actually get here till after 8:30. Not a great thing when you are travelling with a baby!

Anyhow, Capt. Adorable was really happy and excited to be home. He crawled and cruised around the living room (all baby proofed hoo yeah) for over an hour, talking and smiling. I managed to feed him a yogurt and then a little later a jar of winter squash, so I know he had enough to eat (on top of all that Veggie Booty on the plane). He also did a poop, so I feel good sending him to bed with a full tummy and an empty colon. :)

Captain Obvious and I fought a little (maybe just because we are both really tired) and then I think both of us kind of decided to quit it because it stopped. Thank goodness. He is upstairs putting the baby to bed right now. Maybe Capt. Adorable will sleep later than 6:00 since he is going to bed so late...we will see. I sure would like it if he did!

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Mame Fati said...

So glad you are home safetly!!!
Hearing about the beach and your LO was so sweet. So glad you guys got to experience that, I cant wait to take my little one to the water!!!
Hope you have a week of feeling good.