Friday, November 16, 2007

Chemo Again Today

The chemotherapy administration today was not as bad as last time. I was feeling quite anxious this morning before I went, and I cried in the car, despite taking the anti-anxiety medicine. I was happy that I was offered a lidocaine shot in my hand before the IV (and a nurse put it in instead of a tech), so that helped a little as well. I did not get to my holiday card addressing because I fell asleep before I was ready to do them all. It was good that I slept, because last night was not so restful, mostly because I was nervous about today, I think. However, it was kinda weird that I slept since the drug did hurt going in to the vein. Burning. Yuck. The nurse was as sweet as she could be, of course, and gave me heated blankets and a heat pad for my arm with the IV to make it as comfortable as possible. When one is in pain, it really really helps when people are kind, even if the kindness is only a little thing.

We talked to the nurse about my reactions to the post-chemo drugs and we decided that I will not be taking anything (except the one anti-nausea, as needed) post-chemo this time, so hopefully that will help my energy levels too. I have been napping since I got home (in the big, comfy bed mmmmm) and either the family was quiet or I was pretty knocked out because nothing they did bothered my sleep. When I woke up I had a difficult struggle (sorry if this is too graphic, but it is a part of my cancer experience) with a bowel movement. I won, just for clarification. ;) Apparently the anti-nausea medicines tend to stop up the patient. That was definintely the case for me and from now on I am going to have to take care to be pro-active in consuming fiber pills and I will add some prune juice daily to help keep things moving along. I don't want to vomit but I do want to be able to poop!

Captain Obvious is still putting Captain Adorable to bed (almost an hour later but there is no crying). I am looking forward to going to bed soon, another night in bed with my cuddly captains.


Anonymous said...

Im glad your little one is able to get to sleep easier. It is so hard to listen to them cry.
I hope you continue to have good days and a good life with your family.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling ok today. So glad you can sleep some nights with the captains! Always thinking good thoughts for you.

Amina said...

So glad that it went better this time. I suppose it takes time for them to get the other meds right so you are not knocked out again. This sounds more like good sleep than total wipe-out. Re prune juice - dried prunes and raisins are nice as a snack any time. I have a bag of California prunes in my kitchen cupboard right now.
Keep positive, dear soul, I am convinced that has a huge amount to do with good healing.
love as ever