Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Mom Went Home...

...and I missed her as soon as she walked out of the door.

I cried, actually, once I was sure she had driven off (how I missed seeing her car drive by the window, I do not know). I know she has her own life to lead and I want her to go to her own house and her own life but I feel a little more vulnerable without her here to help me all the time. She will be back in 10 days, so it is not like she's going to be away for long. I am kind of surprised how sad I am to be without her.

Captain Adorable is (we think) sprouting another tooth, so he's been a bit grumpy/cranky today. I actually gave him ibuprophen twice (which is not something I would normally do) he was just crying so and I hate hearing him cry and what if he's crying because he's in pain from the tooth and I have the medicine to make him stop a rule I avoid all drugs, and especially would not give my baby drugs, but the Hylands (homeopathic teething analgesic) wasn't working and he seemed to calm a bit with the ibuprophen, so I hope I did the right thing by him. Sigh.

The captains and I went to IKEA today to buy a cabinet for the kitchen to replace the wine glass and wine bottle rack I've been using for years because it makes wine glasses into a perfectly reachable and tempting toy for Captain Adorable, so until the win glasses are stored elsewhere, the kitchen is not baby-safe. It was crowded there (and what is up with evil parking-spot theives in parking lots???) and when we got home Captain Obvious discovered that the cabinet pieces are not all the same color. So, we've got to go back again. :(

My right cheek bone area of my face hurts. Probably from the ear infection, according to the doctor on call whom I spoke with today. I feel kind of blah. My breasts were very sore till I pumped them out.

On the bright side, I did speak to a very sweet couple who still live in the town where I went to college and it was nice to hear their voices and catch up with their news and share mine. It is sometimes extra sweet to hear a familiar voice with that subtle Southern twang.


Anonymous said...

try the hylands teething tablets, they cant drool it out as easy as the gel.
Hope tomm. is a good day.

Linda Long said...

Hello Rosebud,
Now you know from the greeting that this has to be a blast from the past. This is Linda, from Poor Valley Tennessee. I have been reading your journey and want you to know that you are a very strong young lady and doctors certainly do not know everything. You are in my thoughts. Captain Adorable is precious, as is his mama. Remember liitle Rosebud that the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it and what spirit you have! Much love to all of you.