Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ear Infection

Good thing I went in yesterday because it turns out I have an ear infection. 34 and an ear infection! I hope I do not give it to Capt. Adorable! So far it has responded well to the one dose of antibiotics I've taken.

Captain Adorable slept well last night--we think he did not wake till this morning, at about 5:45 when Captain Obvious had to get up to empty his bladder. He also went to sleep without crying!! He did cry on awakening, and once again had the sad little face wet with tears, but he did calm down in my arms a bit. Despite my ear infection, this morning I could not stay in bed and listen to the crying for one second more, so I got up and scrambled in to the other room. If the baby continues to sleep through the night, I can rejoin the family bed soon, yipeee!

I feel different in a good way so far this morning. I will see if that continues throughout the day. My energy is much better so far, anyhow.



So happy your little one slept well, what a relief. You are so positive momma, it is amazing. Stay strong, you have what it takes to beat this! Louise Hay has some great affirmations...I am healthy, happy, and whole!
Always thinking of you!

mdc mama said...

Thoughts and prayers! so glad you felt better today!

Amina said...

I do hope the feeling better continued through the day. an ear infection on top of everything else must be a drag - but if the antibiotics help and improve things then perhaps a mixed blessing.
Speaking of blessings - not sure if they are in my gift, but if so, a huge helping is hereby sprinkled into your life.