Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Clogs, Tears, Exhaustion

I am soooo tired that I think it qualifies as exhaustion now. I slept most of yesterday. The nurse practitioner at the hospital said this was normal as my body tries to repair the good cells, it uses lots of energy to accomplish this task.

My breasts, yes both, are clogged. I am using cabbage leaves and they seem to help. I have also pumped from both breasts this morning and that also helped a bit. Fortunately they are not very painful.

Yesterday afternoon I developed a clogged salivary gland (between my ear and my jaw). It is still swollen and hard and painful and makes it even less pleasant for me to eat than normal, and food is not something I am terribly interested in lately. I am concentrating on getting as much fluid into myself as I can because of course I do not want to go to the hospital for fluids. Now it looks like I will be going for them to have a look at this salivary gland. Ah well, maybe they can help.

Captain Adorable had a bad day yesterday--maybe because his Mama was nowhere to be seen (since I slept they day away). Also he cried so much the night before that he sweet little voice was hoarse, so that can't have added to his mood. :( Last night was a bit better, though of course I cry every night along with him. Captain Obvious does such an excellent job of taking care of our son--as good a job as he can, but it is still painful to all of us to have the tears. Especially in the morning, when I hold Captain Adorable to try to comfort him when he wakes up (about 4:45 or 5:00 and his face is wet from tears it just hurts me all the way through and through.

So far, though, today looks better. He ate well this morning and he is now in the Ergo with my Mom trying to go to sleep. There is an escaped convict in the neighborhood (escaped from a nearby hospital) so there are helicopters and police (with big guns and wearing fatigues, so maybe they were even the National Guard, I do not know) everywhere--no walks today!

Bad news: my wonderful glider broke last night! I am now going to have to embark on the task of getting the thing fixed--and hopefully for free since I think it is less than a year since we purchased it...at least I hope so, since we spent quite a pretty penny on it and it is very very useful.



Sweet momma-
Is there any way you could get one of those devices that enable adopted mothers to nurse via a tube/attachment to their breast that has a sack to the side filled with BM? I hope I am making sense...I will try and find out what they are called...still a little early here.
I have been thinking of you and your family all the time and I hope this very hard time passes soon. You are such a strong momma- I am always in awe of the strength and positivity that shine through from your blogs. I admire you so much. Please let us know when you need anything...
Peace to you and your family.
Mame Fati

Anonymous said...

Prayers and good thoughts for you mama. I hope your recovery goes quick and you start feeling better soon. *hugs*

Gina said...

My mother in law had luck drinking Ensure Plus while she was in chemo. She would drink 3 a day along with any food she could keep down. They had to be ice cold and with a straw, but it seemed to help. I am sorry you are having so many issues with your health.