Sunday, November 11, 2007


I am very tired today. I've had two 2-hour naps! Both were essentially at the same time that Captain Adorable was having a nap, so it worked out well for both of us. Of course, he naps in the stroller while my Mom pushes him around the lake and I napped in the glider and then the bed I've been sleeping while he gets use to not nursing at night.

In addition to being tired, I am also flushed in the face and neck/d├ęcolletage area. I guess that is from the steroids? I don't really know. I also have had some heartburn, which is no fun, of course, so Captain Obvious looked it up to see if it was a symptom that had to be reported and it was not. We did see, however, that cleaning the mouth after each meal, at bedtime, and upon rising is recommended. I have not been doing this, and it seems to be important to avoid mouth sores. So, after dinner tonight I brushed and rinsed with my alcohol-free mouth wash (as recommended). Hopefully I can avoid those mouth sores because they do not sound pleasant.

I am once again in the position of being too tired/weak to hang out with my baby very much. Of course he is well cared for by my Mom and by Captain Obvious, but it is yet another bit of pain to have this interaction taken from me as well. Of course, I do interact with him, even feed him and hold him and so forth, but just no as much as I would do if I were not exhausted.

When we left the hospital on Saturday the (very kind) oncology nurse told me she had put me down as a maybe for Monday to come in for more fluids. I do not want to go in! So I've been trying to make sure to get enough water/liquid in today. When I woke up, water tasted salty, so that was unpleasant. I drank mint tea (also supposed to reduce milk output) instead.

I have a clogged breast. I pump off a half an ounce or so every few hours to help with the pain. I also apply warmth and did some massage in a nice warm shower. I am now trying cabbage leaves. I hope the cabbage leaves help...the only thing I know for certain that would help is nursing and of course there is NO WAY I would do that, with all this poison in my milk!

My engagement and wedding ring are still lost. Capt. Obvious tried opening up the drain under my sink to see if it was in there, but no luck. I miss my rings a lot, so I sure hope they re-appear soon. I know they are in the house somewhere...probably in some safe place I put them.

Good news: Captain Adorable is eating much much better than in the past. For the last two days he has eaten 3 to 4 four-ounce baby yogurts per day, so I guess we're getting closer to that pediatrician recommended 16 ounces of milk per day (be it dairy, rice, almond, mama's milk).


Book Woman said...

I love the way you always find some positive things to report, no matter how lousy you feel. You have so many emotions to deal with as well as your body being nasty to you. I can only wish you all the strength you need to get through it all. On the positive side, you are certainly surrounded by lots of love.
I am listening to old Joni Mitchell albums and gratified to find I still enjoy them as much as ever. I just read that she started singing to cheer up her fellow patients when she was recovering from polio.
It is monday and I hope you are nicely fluid.

MDC MOMMA said...

Thinking of you. Hope you are feeling better.