Monday, November 5, 2007

Home Again, Again

Over the weekend we went to Punkin Chunkin in Delaware. We were lucky enough to have a few friends meeting us there, but we were a little late and so all of the friends were already there when we arrived. Punkin Chunkin was freezing and really windy and as my friend Mrs. Breadwinner pointed out, not very family-friendly; it was a definite drunk fest. Her husband, Mr. SAHD (Stay At Home Dad), commented that either he was getting old or there was a lot of underage drinking going on. We all laughed and observed that while he is getting old, there was also a lot of underage drinking there....

It was so cold as to prevent me from changing Capt. Adorable's diaper because I just didn't want to freeze his little butt off! Plus the wind really was awful. Anyhow, we saw some pumpkins being launched into the air and that was cool. I like the trebuchets better than the compressed air launchers.

The captains and I stayed at a hotel in Ocean City. A couple of weeks ago, my MIL suggested that we could get a good rate on a room with an ocean view and she was right. I loved the room because not only could I see the ocean from bed, there was also a lovely jacuzzi tub which was big enough for the three of us to get in comfortably. We did so and it was wonderful. It was cute to see Capt. Adorable in water up to his shoulders (it was a very deep tub) and it was nice to have Capt. Obvious in there with us.

Because of some coupons we got when we checked in, we were able to order room service for breakfast and I have to say it is much nicer to have room service and do everything low-stress than to take Capt. Adorable to the restaurant and try to feed him and eat ourselves in a manner least likely to interfere with anyone else's meal. If we ever stay at that hotel and get that deal again, we will definitely take the room service route again. I did think it was immensely tacky that room service charges 20% gratuity automatically but also puts a blank line on your check so that you can add gratuity. Are they trying to fool their guests? Let me be clear--I do not mind the 20% gratuity. I do mind the fact that they charge me that and then try to get me to give another gratuity on top of it. Tacky tacky tacky.

Anyhow, on the cancer front: I have an oncologist appointment this afternoon. I expect we will agree on treatment protocol and then get me scheduled for "chemo class" and to start treatment. I have been thinking I should have my hair cut before starting treatment...

Family news: my mom arrives today! I am so glad she can be here!

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Book Woman said...

I know several people who cut their hair before chemo and were glad they did. You can even make your own wig or hat if necessary - from your own hair. Also I think the hair grows back stronger (if my girlfriends are anything to go by... shaggy bunch!)
Much much love to you and your darling mom,