Thursday, November 29, 2007

Chemo Tomorrow

Captain Obvious left today at about 10:30. He is driving to Massachusetts with one of his younger brothers for their grandmother's funeral. I had to cancel my walk with my friend because he wanted to leave early and was supposed to have a walk with me to make up for the walk I missed with my friend, but with one thing and another he did not take a walk with me and did not leave till 10:30 anyhow. I was disappointed.

Captain Adorable and I had a good day. I was pleasantly surprised tonight when he went to sleep for me in 21 minutes. Maybe it was because his afternoon nap was not as long as normal or maybe it was because I gave him a bath in in lavender-scented water. Or maybe he was just ready to go to sleep. This is the first time I have put him to bed without nursing him to sleep, so there was a worry in the back of my mind that it would not go well.

Tomorrow is chemo. I made sure to identify the anti-anxiety pills this evening so I can take one when I wake up tomorrow. I've warned my friend that I do not do well with IVs and hopefully she will be able to follow my request and tell me a story while it is inserted even if I do not look like I am listening. Maybe they won't put it in my hand tomorrow. Maybe they will. My hand already has tiny scars from IVs and after this they will definitely be noticeable because there will be more of them. I am expecting to be totally flattened by the chemo tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

My Mom and I have discussed in detail exactly how to put Capt. Adorable to bed because she (most likely) will have to do it tomorrow. I hope it goes easily for them. She is going to sleep with him because I will be so drugged I am not sure it will be safe for me to sleep with him. I do not know if she will sleep much! I am used to the ways he moves around during the night and the way he snuggles his little body into yours...I hope he does not exhaust her too much.

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