Monday, November 19, 2007

Captain Obvious Assembles Furniture

Oh, it is so nice to have my darling husband at home with Captain Adorable and me! We're leaving tomorrow for Thanksgiving in Florida. So, he took today off to put together some furniture we bought yesterday and exchanged for the correct color stuff today...he also bought some other storage pieces when he was there today...all in our continuing efforts to make the house more baby-friendly. It will be awfully nice to come home to new furniture in a clean house. :)

Captain Adorable is having a great time watching his Daddy assemble furniture. In fact, he's so interested in what Captain Obvious is doing that for once I am able to have the laptop on my lap while I sit on the floor in the living room and type this post. He's on Daddy like white on rice.

We will be back on Saturday night. I do not know if I will get a chance to post between now and then. Tomorrow we have to go to the hospital to check my blood levels before we get on the plane. I will have to wear a mask on the plane to help avoid infection. Blah. I get to be the freak. Oh well. I am sure the baby is not going to be interested in pulling the mask off my face at all, aren't you? We will see how long I wear it, I guess.

I got 42 copies of the photo we are going to use for our holiday cards this year today. Now I just have to put them all in the cards and address them all and sign them all and haul them to the post office. I enjoy doing this stuff, so don't let my little whine fool you! I love the pic we chose for the cards--it is one I took of the babe crawling towards me when we were in Texas. He's got such a beautiful smile on his beautiful little face. I hope the people who receive it will smile too.


Amina said...

Argh! is talking Dutch to me tonight. How annoying. I first thought this post was called Captain Adorable Assembles Furniture, but I see he was just supervising! Maybe you could wear a hijab on the plane, then no-one will see your mask... well, maybe that's not such a clever idea... How you manage to get anything at IKEA I don't know. When I go I look and look and take notes, then decide which think I like. Then have to walk 20 miles to get to the warehouse by which time I'm too tired to lug the stuff home. So I end up with a couple of light bulbs and some ugly warm slippers and a slice of something fattening...
Have a great thanksgiving. Look forward to the next news.
hugs all round

Gina said...

Enjoy your holidays.