Monday, November 26, 2007

Hanging Out With My Baby Boy

I love spending time with my baby boy. He is so beautiful and so intelligent. He's wonderful and funny and affectionate. I got lots of kisses today. :) Goodness knows baby kisses are unbelievably cute but rather slobbery. I don't care, of course. The new furniture arrangement works nicely. Captain Adorable did fall and bump his forehead twice today. I whipped out the arnica cream and I know that will help the bruises be less noticeable and heal faster, however there are a couple of bruises on his forehead and I hate seeing them there! I did discover this morning that he has two teeth coming in on the bottom, so he now has 10 teeth total.

I am really tired, however. Looking forward to sleep.

Captain Obvious is going to his grandmother's funeral on Friday. That is also the date that the next round of chemo starts. He leaves on Thursday afternoon. Fortunately my Mom arrives on Thursday afternoon and a friend of mine, Mrs. Breadwinner, will take me to chemo on Friday. It would be nice to have Captain Obvious with me, but I will be ok with my friend, too.

I am beginning to dread Friday. However, I am looking forward to having my Mom here again.


Mame Fati said...

Always thinking good thoughts for you. Glad your mom is coming back, seems like she gives you a lot of the unspoken things that you need. Moms rule the world!
Your sweet one is lucky to have you and your mom loving on him.
Good energy being sent your way...

Amina said...

Arnica is good - a kiss works wonders as well :-)
So glad that the comings and goings make up for each other a little. Glad you and your mum can be together again - and I'm sure the little Captain will be glad to have his marathon-walker back!