Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Baby's Menu

Just because I really do not have a whole lot different to say than what I said yesterday, I thought that tonight I would record everything Captain Adorable ate today.

For breakfast I tried to give him his usual oatmeal, but he only ate a little before he started to cry and yell and throw himself backwards in his chair, so I fed him a yogurt instead (4 ounces). Once he was done with the yogurt, I gave him some of the oatmeal again but he was not too interested, so he only ate about half of that.

A bit later I fed him some baby food (corn and butternut squash) that was leftover from yesterday. He only took a few bites. He had a 2 hour nap which started at about 9:10. For lunch (after the chair guy left) I gave him the rest of the corn and butternut squash, a yogurt-and-cereal, teeny pieces of home made wheat bread with organic almond butter (so teeny that I put each piece in his mouth right after I put the almond butter on it), and organic milk. I was really happy that he drank for me since usually he won't take liquids from me. Maybe it was because the almond butter was sticking his mouth together?

A little while later I gave him some organic freeze-dried peach pieces (Just Peaches). He really liked that, and because I was eating some (organic) yogurt, I gave him some bites of that, too. He usually does not like plain yogurt, but I guess it has a special magic when it comes from Mama's bowl... :)

He napped for about an hour and 15 minutes in the afternoon, starting at about 2:45. After the nap we played a bit and then I gave him his snack/first dinner: another yogurt. Then he had some Veggie Booty while on my back in the carrier while I prepared dinner. (I hand him one piece at a time: it improves the mobility of my right arm, which is still recovering from the lung surgery, and makes Capt. Adorable work on his pincher grasp. When he just squeezes the piece in his hand and does not eat I stop handing them to him.) He was tired of the carrier before Daddy got home but fortunately the dinner was mostly baked tonight, so it was no problem for me to take him out of the carrier and let him ride on my hip for a while.

Once dinner was finished cooking, he was hungry again and it was a little difficult to wait for things to cool down enough for him to eat them, so Captain Obvious blew on individual peas for Captain Adorable to eat one by one for a while. :) For dinner, the baby ate (baked) tofu, acorn squash (though he mostly threw it on the floor after the first couple bites), peas galore, and some risotto. I was kinda surprised by how much tofu he ate. I mean, it was really good, but dang between he and I we ate almost all of it! (Captain Obvious grilled himself a steak.) I will feed him what is left for his lunch tomorrow (along with the leftover peas and risotto and probably something else). Once he was no longer putting food into his mouth, just smushing it into the table, Captain Obivous gave him one more yogurt. We met that quota today, for once. He did drink a couple of ounces of milk with dinner as well, so I can hope for another good wet diaper tomorrow morning.

He really does not drink enough...

One funny story: Captain Adorable really likes to pull the cats' tails. One cat is very big and fluffy and allows/tolerates the tail pulling (is perfectly capable of escaping if he wants, though--no one is torturing the cat!). Captain Adorable is very lucky to have such a tolerant cat and often pulls his tail/whacks the cat on the head. This evening, however, the cat had the last laugh (or at least the parents did). Captain Adorable was standing up, supporting himself with one hand on the coffee table. He let go of the table and grabbed the cat's tail. The cat moved and Capt. Adorable was holding the tail so tight that when the cat moved it pulled the baby over and he landed on his butt! hehehe (Maybe you just had to be there...)

He also took a few more steps without holding on to anything tonight...I know I said this yesterday, but I think this is indeed the beginning of walking!

Tomorrow we are going to meet a friend at the mall for an hour's walk. Then back home in time for Captain Obvious to take the car to the funeral, then wait for my Mom to arrive, yipeeee!

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Mame Fati said...

Thinking of you. Hope your mom got there safe and sound.