Saturday, November 17, 2007

Naps Are Nice

I have napped twice already today and it is only 4:00 in the afternoon. I'll probably have to go to bed early tonight (meaning well before 9:00). Still, I had a bit of fun today as I went out to a wonderful yummy Indian buffet lunch with the captains and my Mom. It is such delicious food--too bad that my taste perception is compromised...oh well it was still fabulous! We fed Captain Adorable some from our plates, and I think it must have been a bit more spicy for him than it is for us because he started yelling after a bit and only the yogurt we brought just-in-case helped. (Thank goodness we had that!)

I was rather tired when we got home and napped on the couch while Captain Obvious watched a football game (insert eye roll here) and Captain Adorable played and my Mom got a well-deserved nap herself. I slept for about an hour and a half and when I woke up I was shocked to see that Captain Obvious still had not done anything about getting the baby to nap. Fortunately his team was losing and the game was in the fourth quarter, because he soon took off for a walk. The store where we bought the glider is supposed to send a tech out on the 28th to evaluate what is wrong with the chair. Maybe they will fix it on that day and I will finally have the ability to get Captain Adorable to nap in the house back.

Apart from the tiredness, I did feel like I was going to vomit this morning and had to take an anti-nausea pill, but that has not reoccurred so far. My face hurts, up under my cheekbone on the right side...I hope this is not a sinus infection or something...I am still taking antibiotics for the ear infection! Apart from those little complaints, I do not feel as bad as after the first chemo for sure and I think I will bounce back more quickly, too. This is good because my Mom is leaving tomorrow (boohoo). She will be back for the next round, of course, and I know she has her own life to attend to, but oh wow I will miss her. I know Captain Adorable will miss her too.

Good News: As of yesterday, Captain Adorable picked up and held his own sippy cup while he drank from it! He did it again today, too. He still needs some help, especially when the liquid level gets low, but he understands it now. This is excellent because hopefully this means he will drink more during the day. I would like to stop depending on soups for getting liquid into the boy. Plus I should mention that this morning I was awake as Capt. Adorable started to wake, and so the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was me. I was smiling at him and he smiled back at me! So, he went to sleep with no crying, slept through the night, and woke with a smile. I think his sleep troubles are solved for now and I am back in the family bed for at least until the next time I get chemotherapy.


Amina said...

Wonderful to hear how well things are going this week. How exciting that the little one is holding his own... cup! That is so brilliant. He will probably have a whole bunch of 'first times' now. Maybe he's just showing you that it's all ok and that he can manage for himself pretty well.
Hope things go well til your next missive.
love as ever

Mame Fati MDC said...

Captain adorable is beautiful!!!
Thanks for posting the sweet pic of your little one. After my son figured out his sippy cup for the first time, he totally took it on his own from there on out. He is probably proud of himself as well.
When do you have chemo again?
Always thinking good thoughts for you and your family...
Love- Mame Fati
ps- Amina is also the name of my husbands grandmother who is west african. Your amina reminds me of her, so positive and loving.