Sunday, November 25, 2007

Uneventful Day

Today has been pretty uneventful. I stayed home with Captain Adorable today while Captain Obvious did a little grocery shopping and a little baby-proofing shopping. We didn't have a whole lot of food in the house because we cleaned out the fridge before our trip to Florida, but now we are stocked up once again. We've also rearranged the living room and it looks good and it is totally baby proof. The cats are going to have to get used to the baby gate between the living room and the kitchen, though. (hehehe)

I think Captain Adorable had a good day. He ate well. For breakfast I tried to feed him plain yogurt since we were out of the Yo Baby yogurt I normally give him but after only half the usual amount he wouldn't eat any more. I mixed in a little prune juice and then he was happy to finish it up. He also ate 1/2 cup of (my) cream of wheat (I love that stuff). For lunch he had a puree of onions, black garbanzos, and brown rice with EBM and some spelt angel hair, which was really more for him to play with than to eat. For dinner he had a yogurt at 5:00, a jar of sweet potatoes at about 6:00, and at 7:30, he ate what I was eating. I was having tofu with organic penne and a beautiful roasted garlic and caper sauce with steamed broccoli. The sauce was made from the cloves of a whole garlic head which Captain Obvious roasted on the grill. I got all the cloves out and mashed them up in a saute pan over medium heat with some butter, some olive oil, some capers, and some caper juice. I probably should have put some flour in there as well to hold the sauce together since the butter separated out a bit once I added the caper juice, but I was worried to ruin the sauce by adding flour at the end when really it should go in with the fat (butter and oil) so I did not put it in. It tasted good!

Anyhow, Captain Adorable loved it too. He even stuck his hand in my plate a few times in an effort to take what he wanted to eat. Captain Obvious gave him a few bites of organic chicken, too, but it was a bit too spicy for his little mouth, so I was glad he had eaten all those pieces of tofu because I know he got enough protein for today. He also drank a bunch of milk. He still does not drink enough, but he is getting better. I still try to give him liquidy food to help with his fluid intake. (One of the reasons why I added EBM to the rice/garbanzo puree.)

I have not pumped my breasts for several days now. I feel sad about giving up the lactation, but like I said in a previous post, I am worried about clogged ducts and the risk of mastitis that would come with continued pumping. While we were on our trip Captain Adorable did several things that let me know he still thinks about nursing. He played with/pinched Capt Obivous' nipples and even put his mouth on them (not latching) when being put to bed--both for the night and for naps. He bit me on the booby once when I was trying to put him to sleep for a nap and he was having a hard time falling asleep. Today I noticed that when he was drinking (cow's) milk from the sippy cup, he still uses his tongue as though he was nursing. That one got to me and I've been thinking about nursing and wondering if he will remember how to do it when it is safe for us to try nursing again...will it even be possible to relactate? I miss nursing him so much and I feel so sad about having to stop before either of us was ready...


Anonymous said...

im so sorry that you are going through this - Jennie

Anonymous said...

I doubt you remember me from way back in high school. I only just heard about what all you are going through. You're a tough lady to be going through all this...keep being tough!
(the maiden name is Claborn; you wouldn't know me by my married name.)

Amina said...

yum yum! I can smell that cooking from here!
It must be great for the little one to experiment with all these new tastes and textures.
big hug